F.O.H. Desk
Yamaha PM 4000, c/w 10 stereo channels
Main PA System
Martin Audio Wavefront 8 system
F.X. F.O.H. Rack
1 x TCM 5000 c/w 2 Drives
- Drive 1 General Vocal Reverb
- Drive 2 Harmonizer Backing Vocals
1 x Yamaha SPX 990 for Snare Reverbs
1 x Yamaha SPX 900 for General F.X.
1 x Roland SDE 330 for Delays
1 x D.A.T. Machine for Recording
1 x C.D. Player for House Music

Insert F.O.H. Rack
1 x Drawmer 201 Gate
3 x BSS DPR 402 Compressors
1 x BSS DPR 404 4 ch Compressor
5 x DBX 160 XT Compressors
F.O.H. Engineer Colin Norfield
Drive Rack
XTA Controllers Main P.A.
BSS 960 Graphic
XTA Controllers Side Hang P.A.
BSS 960 Graphic
BSS Omni Drive Centre Fill
BSS 960 Graphic


1 x Midas XL4
1 x Midas XL3 16 ch stretch console
16 x 12 AM [16 wedges 12" + 2" horn]
2 x Martin F2 bass [side fill Lo]
2 x Martin W8 mid/high [side fill Hi]
Amps drive 10 separate Bi amp wedge sends & 2 side fills
16 x TC EQ
2 x DDL Roland SDE 3000 [1 x Steve voc, 1 x Drums]
2 x Reverbs Yamaha SPX 900 [Bobby vocals, Steve Acoustic]
6 x ch Compressors [dbx 160]
2 x ch Noise gates [Drawmer]
1 x Spectrum analyser [DN60]
Cables send a split of the mike inputs with balancing transformers [16] to Simon's Mackie mixer on the drum riser

Steve Lukather

7 Music Man / Ernie Ball Electric Guitars
1 Ovation Adamas Acoustic Guitar
1 Ovation Adamas Acoustic Guitar
1 Takamine Acoustic Guitar
1 Taylor Acoustic Guitar


2 Shure Bros. Active Directional Antenna
1 Shure Bros. Antenna Distribution Sustem
2 Shure Bros. Dual Wireless Receiver
5 Rivera Amplifier (440 Watts)
2 Rivera Power Amplifiers


1 Rane Mixer/Splitter
1 Furman Power Conditioner
1 Dunlop Rack Mount Cry Baby
2 Lexicon Digital Effects Processor
1 T.C. Electronics Digital Effects Processor
1 DBX Compressor/Limiter
1 Boss Compressor/Sustainer
1 Boss Volume Pedal
1 Rocktron Hush
1 C.A.E
1 C.A.E
2 C.A.E


1 C.A.E
2 C.A.E
1 C.A.E
1 Sonus
1 Rick Britton

Steve's equipment on the Livefields tour is essentially the same as the gear used on the Luke tour and the Luke/Carlton tour, although a few things changed:
Luke's rack: A Dunlop Cry Baby has replaced the Samson Wireless and the TC 1210 went out in favor of a TC GForce. (see diagram below)

In October '99, Steve introduced his new main guitar: a variation of the classic Music Man Luke: a black sparkled version (see picture to the right) with basically the same specifications
The Wah, Compressor (the one on the board) and the Univibe are connected before the dry Bonehead.

The Dbx 160 and the Guitar Silencer are looped in the Bonehead's effects loop, that is between the pre- and poweramp.
The other effects, PCM70's and GForce are summed in the Line Mixer and goes out into the two Bonehead poweramps, in stereo.

A couple of Boneheads were added to the setup, and the CAE fuzz tone has been replaced by a compressor.
To his present Bradshaw table, the CAE RS-10 board, an extension module was added. It gives Luke 6 presets instead of 4 and 6 more control change switches on the board.

Mike Porcaro

1 x Sabine RT-601 Rack Tuner
1 x Samson UHF Receiver Model UR-5D
1 x Shure UHF Receiver Model U 4D
1 x SWR SM 900 Bass Amplifier
1 x Trace Elliot RA 500 Bass Amplifier
2 x Alembic F-2B Bass Pre-Amplifiers
1 x Direct Inject Box
2 x SWR 8 by 8 Speaker Cabs.
1 x Peavey 5-string Cirrus Bass Guitar
1 x Ernie Ball Musicman Stingray Bass Guitar

David Paich

1 x Yamaha P100 + P200 Pianos
2 x Yamaha KX88 Motherboards
2 x Yamaha SY99's
1 x Yamaha SY77
1 x Hammond XB2 + Leslie Cabinet
1 x Roland JV 1080 64
Voice Synthesizer
1 x Roland JV 2080 64
Voice Synthesizer

1 x Roland JD 990 Synthesizer
1 x Kurzweil K2500RS Sampler
2 x Roland S760 Samplers
1 x Roland S770 Sampler
1 x Glyph Harddrive
1 x Sycologic MIDI Matrix
1 x Yamaha MEP4
1 x Lexicon PCM 80
1 x Eventide H3500 Harmoniser
1 x Yamaha PRO R3 Réverb

Simon Phillips

Simon Phillips uses Tama Starclassic drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Remo Drumheads and Pro-Mark sticks. He also uses Shure microphones and Meyer Monitors.

Drumkit :
2 x 16" x 24" Bass Drums
1 x 14" x 18" Bass Drum (occassionally)
1 x 20" Gong Drum
Tom tom sizes are -
8" x 10", 9" x 12", 10" x 13", 11" x 14", 12" x 15", 13" x 16"
A set of 4 Octobans - Lo Pitch
Signature "Gladiator" Snare Drum 5-1/2" x 14"
Signature "Pagaent" Snare Drum 5" x 12"
Colour of kit is British Racing Green


A Custom 22" Ride
A Custom 19", 18" & 17" Crashes
A Custom 12" Splash
22" Oriental Trash
22" Oriental China
10" SR Hats

A Custom 14" Top Hi-Hat with a Custom Projection 14" Bottom Hi-Hat.
Drum Heads used are all Remo Ambassador Clear except for Ambassador Coated for Snare Drums and a Timpani Head for the Gong Drum.
Sticks are Simon Phillips 707 model.
Shure microphones are Beta 52 for Bass Drums, SM57 for Main Snare and Octobans, KSM32 for Overheads, SM81 for Hi-Hats, Beta 98 for Toms and Piccolo Snare & Beta 91 for Gong Drum.
Monitors are Meyer UPA-1P Self Powered and he uses a Mackie 1604VLZ for his monitor mix.