Steve Lukather

In 1990 we saw some radical changes in his setup. Introducing a genuine stereo rack system - utilizing a rack mountable preamp and poweramp.
This is the setup he is using on the official Toto Live video.
His sound is created by the Soldano X88R preamp and the HH V800 Mosfet poweramp.
An important piece of equipment was also the BBE 822 which created sort of a "loudness" function.
Luke found a combination of effects which still is present in his system today - a Roland SRV-2000 reverb, the TC Electronic 1210 for chorus effects, and two Lexicon PCM-70 for delays.

He also introduced the Rocktron/Bradshaw RSB-18 switching system which became quite famous - primarily due to its size and versatility.
The 2x12" Boogie cabs was replaced by two 4x12" Marshall cabs with Celestion Vintage 30 speakers.
On this tour he used three Valley Arts guitars.